Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fifty Inspirations

Today I would like to share fifty things that inspire me.  Perhaps they will help to inspire you too.1.) City lights at night, especially during road trips.

2.) Rain-streaked window panes.

3.) The sound of distant thunder.

4.) A crisp, new sheet of paper.

5.) Old lamps.

6.) Eva Cassidy.

7.) Accents.

8.) Swings.

9.) Blue bonnets.

10.) Photos of children in Africa.

11.) The sound that comes from an acoustic guitar.

12.) Old-looking sheet music.

13.) The smell of laundry detergent.

14.) Grassy fields.

15.) Sunsets.

16.) Eyes.

17.) Street lights.

18.) Seeing passion in people.

19.) Charcoal drawings.

20.) Old windows.

21.) Hands.

22.) Old photographs.

23.) Anything black and white.

24.) Piano keys.

25.) Abandoned buildings.

26.) Pressed roses.

27.) Sand.

28.) The faces of very old people.

29.) Movie tickets.  Lots and lots of movie tickets.

30.) The sound of rain.

31.) Baby hands and feet.

32.) Hot chocolate.

33.) Psalm 91.

34.) Window seats.

35.) Eyelashes.

36.) Dandelions.

37.) Very old Bibles.

38.) Puddles.

39.) Music boxes.

40.) Pearls.

41.) Stained glass.

42.) Words in other languages.

43.) Train tracks.

44.) Guitar strings.

45.) Fog.

46.) Clear water.

47.) Flowers.  Any flowers.

48.) Baby bottoms.

49.) The smell of grass.

50.) Eyebrows and the expressions that come from them.

Are you feeling inspired yet?

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  1. Urgent prayer request!!!

    Trini C over at everythingtrini.blogspot.com evacuated her home last night with her family due to a huge forest fire near her home in FL. Her family thought that they wouldn't need to leave until maybe Tuesday or Wefnesday, but they left at 11 PM last night. Please, please pray very hard. Trini is only 14, an she is very scared.:(