Sunday, July 10, 2011

Best Friend

B: Best Friend
If you've looked through my blog at all, then you know my best friend, Ali.  We met in fifth grade, where she was the first friend I made at my new school.  We kept up out friendship through middle school, but it wasn't until our sophomore year of high school that we became best friends.  My senior year of high school, I got the opportunity for Ali to come live in my home and it was a blast.
You know, friendship is taken to a whole new level when you actually live together.  Yes, Ali and I are still best friends, but it seems more like we're sisters now.  And I'm so glad. :)
Since I've talked about Ali so much on my blog, I thought I'd simply share a photograph of my FIRST best friend.  This is one of my favorite childhood pictures because it makes me laugh and say, "Awwww!" at the same time.  This isn't very good quality because I actually took a picture of the picture, but you get the idea.  It's just so perfect.

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  1. Aww!! That is one of the most adorable photographs i've ever seen :)