Friday, July 15, 2011

We Are

Yes, I'm still doing the alphabet blogging challenge.  But occasionally I'll take a break.  Today is one of those days.  I was looking through the old Facebook notes I wrote and came across this poem.  I forgot I had ever written it.
We Are.
We are cool, we are calm, we are lifeless.
Candles covered in shadows so dim.
When we sleep, when we're not affected,
We're not telling the world about Him.

We live on, we live life like an empty shell,
Our eyes on right now, on our pasts.
Our purposes, our passions won't be unveiled
Until our sight is on things that will last.

And they walk, and they scream into nothing,
A world of broken, lost hearts.
We say ours are on the verge of erupting,
But they haven't, and they have yet to start.

The earth still has darkness and anger.
Each soul harbors sorrow and shame.
While we let our apathy linger,
This cold world still stays the same.
And who are the ones to blame?

Emily Whelchel

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