Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here's the mail. It never fails. It makes me want to wag my tail...

Day 5: 6 Things That Make Your Day

At this point, lots of things make my day.  Even a simple Skype call from a best friend can bring a huge smile to my face.  But here are some big ones.

1.) Getting mail.  One of my favorite things ever is to get mail.  I check my mailbox in the front lobby probably four times a day.  The feeling that somebody took the time to write me a message or stick something in the mail for me brightens my entire day.  Plus, it's so good to hear from people I miss.  Lately, my family has been great about sending me things in the mail.  I've gotten several packages and cards from my mom and my sister.  My Naana has been wonderful about sending me things regularly that always make my day.  Other grandparents have also sent me some sweet things.  Just yesterday, I got a new beanbag in the mail.  Hooray!
I actually just went and bought a letter box today from a craft store.  In it, I will place all of the letters and notes and cards I get from my friends and family.  Right now, they're in the shelf where my blog schedules should be.  I'm a letter-hoarder.  Back at home, I would keep my letters in a big scrapbook, but I don't have the time to do that right now.  At the moment, they'll be just fine in my little letter box.

2.) When a favorite song comes on.  Isn't it one of the best feelings ever when you're on the bus or at the store and a song that you not only recognize but really like starts playing on the radio?  That always brings a smile to my face.

3.) Seeing other people smile.  Since I can get lonely over here, sometimes a mere smile from a stranger can brighten my day.

4.) When I catch a meaning in a song you've never quite understood.  I love when this happens.  You're listening to a song that you like, but then a lyric hits you and you think, "Ohhhhhhh...." and from that point on, you can't even listen to the song without a bit of awe.

5.) Inspiration.  This comes in so many different ways, but sometimes when I write for my blog, I'm not really inspired to write.  That's usually why I have blog challenges like this one.  They keep me focused.  After a time in the desert of writer's block, something will hit me and I'll find a source of inspiration that keeps me up for all hours of the night, scribbling in a notebook or typing on the computer.  Sometimes I'm inspired to write for this blog.  Other times I write a song or a poem or a story.  Whatever I'm inspired to create, writing gives me so much joy.

6.) Starting a new book.  I don't get the chance to read a whole lot these days, so when I find a book that interests me, I love the feeling of cracking open its brand new pages (or opening it for the first time on my Kindle).  Even better is when I find a book that I know will catch my attention enough for me to take the time to finish it.  Truly good books are so hard for me to find these days.

What are some things that make your day?  Make my day and leave your answers in the comments below. ;)

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  1. My grandchildren bring a smile to my face!!!!!!