Sunday, September 18, 2011

I love Carmex

Day 3: 8 Things You Couldn't Live Without

1.) The Laptop.  My laptop has everything on it: the things I write, the pictures I take, access to the world... and if I was only allowed to have eight objects, then it would give me access to a lot of other important things, like the Bible and even other books I need, both for school and for fun reading.  Without my laptop, I would survive, I know, but my life would be much sadder than it is today.

100_5646-1.JPG2.) Phone.  Since I live ten hours away from my family, a phone is pretty essential to my life.  Unfortunately, I don't have phone access in my dorm room, which has been extremely difficult, but I still use my phone constantly.  My phone has a GPS, local restaurants, a flashlight, an alarm clock, and multiple apps to make my life easier.  I do talk on the phone to my parents every single day.  It just happens to be when I'm out and about, usually on my way home from class.
(The picture to your right is actually pretty old, now that I think about it--around four years old--and I'm not holding my iPhone in it, but it seemed to fit.)

3.) A comfortable pillow.  I'm an insomniac.  It takes me a long time to fall asleep and sometimes it's difficult to stay asleep.  I have strict rituals I follow in order to be able to sleep through the night.  I need a quiet and pitch-black room.  Even the light of my clock is turned off.  I need the room temperature to be cool, but not cold.  I like to be bundled up in at least three blankets.  Most importantly, I like my pillow to be comfortable.  It needs to be the perfect mixture of fluffy and not-too-fluffy.  Without my pillow, especially on this uncomfortable dorm room bed, I don't know if I could ever fall asleep.

4.) My camera.  I take pictures of everything.  Most days, I carry around a digital camera and a video camera in my purse.  Even though my digital camera actually takes great videos, I take so many videos that having a video camera with a huge SD card can help keep room in my camera for all the pictures I take.  Plus, having an HD video camera helps a lot.  I love capturing memories, editing videos and pictures, and sharing them with everything else.  Sometimes I wish I could be a family photographer and capture memories for other people all day long.

5.) Carmex.  When in was in middle school, I wore lip gloss all the time.  Now it's Carmex.  I take it everywhere.  Before I went to college, Mom and I went shopping for all of the toiletries I needed... and I came out of the store with a big bag filled with tubes of Carmex.  You may be a Chapstick person and if you are, I still love you, but Carmex is the way to go.  It's shiny, it's healthy, and I love it.

6.) My guitar.  Even though I don't write songs as much as I'd like, I love my guitar so much.  In my opinion, it's the most beautiful object in my entire bedroom.  If my room was burning down and I had the chance to grab two things, I think I'd grab my laptop and my guitar.

7.) Calendars.  People are always surprised when they walk into my room and see the number of calendars I have.  I usually have two wall calendars, a desk calendar, a day-by-day calendar, and several calendar pages spread over my desk that I use to plan out my blog schedule.  I use the calendar on my iPhone frequently as well, along with the planner in my backpack right now.  I'm a calendar addict.  They make me feel secure and scheduled.  I couldn't live easily without a calendar (or five) nearby.

8.) Blankets.  I'm usually cold.  Most of the time, I'm wrapped in some sort of a blanket.  Right now in my small dorm room, I have five blankets that I use frequently.  Without my blankets, I'm not sure how I could survive.  I would be cold and miserable most of the time, at least.  I love watching movies while wrapped up in a blanket.  Don't you?

What are some things you can't live without?

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