Friday, September 16, 2011

Six Year Old Animal Hoarder

Day 2: 9 Things I Remember from my Childhood

1.)  My stories.  I've always loved to write since before I could even write.  I've always made up interesting stories, usually full of crimes and murders and intensity.  One of my best friends from my childhood was Rebekah, who I've mentioned on here before.  We were actually next door Sweetie's Medicine Litter 047.jpgneighbors for several years.  During this time, I wrote a very "impressive" book series called "The Best Friend Mysteries."  In these books, we were kidnapped multiple times, fought off many bad guys, traveled all over the world, sold into slavery, befriended animals, and remained best friends forever every step of the way.  I bet you're jealous of that genious idea, right?

2.) I used to have rats as pets.  In fact, I didn't only keep them... I bred them.  I had quite a few interesting breeds of rats, including a couple of hairless.

3.) More than anything in the world, I wished I could fly.

4.) I was really, really, really bad at sports.  I've never been much of one for competition.  Dad often tells stories of when I was a member of an Upward basketball team as a third grader.  I would watch and make sure that everyone got to shoot the ball at least once, even the girls on the other team.  I'd often pass the ball to girls on the other team to make sure they got a chance.  My dad would be standing on the sidelines, yelling, "Emily, what are you doing?!?!"  I just wanted it to be fair.

5.) I always dreamed of making my own website.  I remember "designing" one when I was about eight years old on a piece of notebook paper.  I decided it would be a sponsorship organization of sorts and I would somehow find a lot of impoverished children and have people write letters to them.  On the page, I even drew a little picture of a child dressed in rags and gave her a name.  Unfortunately, the website never worked out.
I did make several relief organizations all growing up.  Their names usually consisted of an... interesting acronym, like:
Eager (kids)
Ready (to)
Of course, Rebekah was always excited about the idea.  We'd plan for hours about how to save the world.

6.) Another interesting game I would play with Rebekah.  We actually held spy lessons in our front yards for the other neighborhood kids on Wednesday nights right after dark.  We would dress in all black and teach them how to drop to the ground or duck behind bushes when cars drove by, how to spy on the parents during their Bible studies, and how to identify bad guys to turn them into the police.  We even had the "younger" kids run relays and do push-ups and things like that.  We thought we were some legit spies.
I even carried a notebook around and made little notes about suspicious-looking people.  About a month ago, my grandma gave me one of those notes she found in her house.  She made me promise never to throw it away.  I haven't.
In fact, once I got in trouble because my black pants were dirty so my mom caught me wearing my long black velvet dress skirt instead.  My response was, "But Mommmmm, I'm a spy and spies HAVE to wear all black!"

7.) I wanted to own a ranch one day and fill it with a bunch of abused animals who I could talk to all the time.  I remember making lists of all the animals I wanted, like:
37 ponies named Crystal, Sarah, Jasmine, Starlight, Firefly, Blaze, Twilight....
16 dogs named Cupcake, Pal, Rico.........
P1020829.JPG23 cats named Percy, Lucy.....
10 kittens.....
13 foals....
8 puppies.....
and the list goes on and on and on.  At age six, I already wanted to be an intense animal hoarder.

8.) I always thought it was gross to have a crush on a boy growing up.  My friends would whisper, "He's so cute.  I have a crush on him," and I would either say or think, "EWWWWW, he's a BOY!"  What's funny is that I was the first of my friends to actually make friends with a guy.  But I wasn't "interested" in guys for about two years after that.  Basically, my friends all "liked" guys but were afraid to talk to them.  I didn't "like" guys for quite a while, but I loved being friends with them.  So it all worked out.

9.)  In fifth grade, I was one of the tallest people in my class.  I just never grew after that.

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