Sunday, October 9, 2011


I wrote the poem below on a day when I was feeling homesick.  In my life right now, some days I feel independent and I spend time with friends and I can bring myself to see a bright future here in college... and then some days, all I want is to be back at home with my family.  As you read this, don't think I feel so lost and dreary all the time.  No, I enjoy myself most of the time, but sometimes, I can't help but wish I was home.
Wake up, sleep, walk and walk.
Life and time and breathing.
I think of school and other things,
But mostly just of leaving.
I miss my house. I miss these things.
I'm lonely, sighing, living.
If I could step back into time,
I'd always keep on giving.
I'd hold my daddy's hand again
And dance atop his feet.
I'd hug my mom and kiss my dog,
If we were again to meet.
So here I am, walking, walking.
My heart hangs in the air.
What I would do, what I would give,
To be at home back there.
Emily Whelchel

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  1. This is exactly how I feel right now, Emily. I've just moved into my dorm yesterday and I don't know anyone. School starts tomorrow. I'm all by myself and it can get lonely. I miss my family. I'm getting paranoid. But I think I'll get to class and have friends soon. For now, I have God with me to keep me sane and safe. Ah, my first year in college. Reading your old blog post now, going thru the same things, I felt as though I can relate to you much better than before. You make me feel better. Keep writing girl! Take care and God bless you :))