Monday, January 16, 2012

Breaking the law.

I'm afraid Ali is going to kill me, but I've got to share this story today.  It's pretty amusing.

I like to choose TV shows on Netflix and watch them from start to finish.  So far I've watched Monk, Lost, The Office, and over Christmas break I chose Prison Break.  Ali doesn't usually care to watch my shows with me; it's most often my little brother Luke who does.  This time, Ali and I both became absolutely hooked on Prison Break.  The main character (Wentworth Miller) is one of the most handsome men we've ever seen, the bad guy is perfectly horrific, the action is always intense, and some aspects of faith are even covered in this show.

There are eighty episodes of Prison Break in total, so Ali and I were only able to watch about twenty together over the break.  When Ali returned to school a little before I did, she would text me about how she was continuing to watch the show.  I figured she meant through Netflix.  That's what I use on my computer when I'm in college.

Last night, Ali and I were Skyping.  She asked me what I used to watch Prison Break and when I told her Netflix, she acted surprised that I could do so on my computer.  "Wait, what do you use?" I asked, suddenly confused.

"Well, I Googled around and found this website that has tons of free shows and movies.  It lets you watch all of the episodes of Prison Break... for free!"

"That doesn't sound legal," I said suspiciously.

Ali laughed.  "Of course it's legal, Emily.  It doesn't say anywhere on the website that it's illegal."  (Later, Ali told me that she thought if it was illegal, it would have a big red sign somewhere on the website that said: "View at your own risk.") 

"There's no way that site is legal.  Let me look it up."  I searched "Is legal?"  No, it was certainly not.  

Ali and I laughed for several minutes.  We couldn't believe she'd been breaking the law for the last two weeks without even realizing it.  "Don't go to that website anymore, Ali," I warned her.  "It could give your computer a virus."

Ali's eyes got big.  "So that's what happened," she said in a shocked voice.

It turns out, Ali was watching Prison Break through that same illegal website while she was at work (she's allowed to watch shows in between phone calls, no worries) and she crashed her work computer with a virus... so badly that they had to replace it and get her another!  Oh, Ali...

It makes me laugh that Ali broke the law to watch a show about convicts.

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