Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5 Reasons Why You Should Blog

I'm starting a mini-series about blogging.  I've been blogging somewhat consistently since 2009, so for nearly four years.  Quite often, people will approach me in person or in email and ask for tips about blogging.  Every Tuesday for the month of April, I will be sharing blogging tips and encouragements for all of you who blog or are considering taking up blogging.  If you are encouraged or have any feedback or additions to what I have to say, please feel free to share in the comments below.

Five reasons why you should take up blogging:

1.)  It's a ministry.  When I first started to blog as a junior in high school, my reason was to write.  I have a writing itch; I always have.  If I go more than a day without writing, I find it difficult to concentrate.  Instead of writing each day in a journal no one ever read, I thought I would share pieces of my heart with anyone who cared to read them.  I blogged for a solid year, doubting that anyone really read what I had to say, although I received thoughtful comments now and then.  In April of 2010, I learned how to check my stats for the first time and was stunned to see that my blog had received over 100k views.  Wow.

In recent years, my email inbox and comments have been full of responses, many of them being questions about faith.  Since 2010, I have realized more and more what a ministry tool blogging can be.  Each day, I can have a conversation about the Gospel and about Christ with people I may never meet.  I can encourage girls who struggle with things the Lord has helped me to overcome.  My blog has become more of a ministry than a journal, although I use it for both things.

Being able to use the daily things I write in a way that glorifies the Lord and bring others closer to Him is such an honor and a blessing.

If you have been considering starting a blog of your own, consider it as a ministry for you to pursue.  You are reaching others with your words.  You can share what the Lord reveals to you each day.  Blogging is a ministry. 

2.)  Blogging captures memories.  Whenever I travel or leave the country, I blog about my experiences, writing in detail about what I learned and saw, and sharing photographs alongside each memory.  I love turning back to my posts from July, 2009, when I journeyed to Kenya, Africa with Christian Relief Fund.

If you enjoy traveling, consider keeping a blog.  You can capture your memories in an online journal while sharing your experiences and prayer requests with friends and family.

3.)  It's a conversation.  I have been able to communicate with hundreds of people over the last four years through this blog.  When I share something, I don't intend for it to be one-sided.  I love to hear what others have to say.  Conversations are started.  Encouraging comments and emails have literally brightened my days.

The conversations you have through your blogging community can be encouraging and excellent learning opportunities. 

4.)  Your writing skills will improve.  Although blogging is delightfully informal, the more you write, the more you improve.  I can easily say that my writing style has improved since I started blogging four years ago.  I can sort out my thoughts more easily and communicate through what I write much more clearly than when I first started blogging. 

5.)  Express yourself.  We live in a big world.  It's difficult to make your voice heard.  Your blog may get ten views a month, but your voice will be out there.  What has the Lord been teaching you today?  What is a trial you've conquered and made it through?  How could you encourage someone going through the same thing?

Your blog can be your voice.  Share what you have to say.  Communicate with people like you.  Open your heart.  Vent your frustrations.  Praise God for His faithfulness.  Ultimately, blogging is an expression of your thoughts and values.  It's your voice. 


On May 1, I will have a Blogging Q&A where I will answer any questions you have about blogging.  Leave your questions in the comments, tweet them to me @emilytheperson, email them at emilytheperson@yahoo.com, or send me a message on my tumblr.

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  1. Emily, I love this. I see people being lured away from blogging by the conveniences and pleasures of social networks, and I want to practice and promote more blogging. This encourages and inspires me. My heart is bursting with gratitude for this blog.

  2. I'm trying to get back to the blogging I started a long time ago, but it's been a struggle. I resisted facebook for a long time, and finally caved in when I found out that it was the only way I could keep in touch with someone dear to me. Going back to my blogs is especially challenging for me, because I never did it consistently in the first place. Besides that, I have six different blogs, that I started for different purposes. Now I've even forgotten which ones for which purposes, and I have some new purposes now, so I wouldn't know which blog to put them in, even if I remembered what each one was for!

    1. Wow, six blogs are a handful! You may want to consider keeping everything in a single blog and categorizing topics with tags.

    2. Good idea. Yes, I will consider that!

  3. Wow, today God has really been showing me that I need to start a blog. You and a few others have been inspiration for me to began a blog. Thank you for your posts, especially about Overcoming timidity. I have been encouraged to start my own blog now.