Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Goals for April

I have been sharing goals each month for a while now.  I borrowed this idea from Kelli at She Learns as She Goes.  This is a way for me to focus on living in the moment while setting reachable goals that aren't an entire year away to accomplish.

My goals for the month of April are:

Cut back on soda.
I'm trying to trim up a bit before summer comes.  I normally drink 1-2 sodas a day (I know, very bad), so I am going to try to cut this down.  No sodas during the week at all: only Saturday and Sunday.

Read at least one book this month.
My goal is to read at least twelve books this year, and although I've already nearly passed this goal, I would like to go ahead and continue to read at least one book each month.

Raise all of the money needed to travel to Kenya this summer.
My goal is $3,200.  Because of God's grace and faithfulness, I have raised a little over $2,000.  I am more than halfway, but there is still $1,200 left to go.  If you feel led to donate any amount to my trip to Kenya, you can donate directly to the Christian Relief Fund website and indicate that your donation is to go towards "Emily's Kenya Trip."  I trust that the Lord will be faithful and provide the way to Kenya this summer.

Finish going through my clothes and give away what I do not need.
I went through parts of my closet last month; I'd like to finish the job this month.  I need to bring two weeks worth of clothes to Kenya, so I wouldn't mind choosing which clothes I would like to bring and then leave behind.

Make Bs or higher on my exams.
I have not failed an exam yet this semester, but my scores on average have been lower than what I would like.  My goal for this month is to work hard and make the highest test scores I have so far.  

Find more time to rest.
I have been going without sleep for a while now.  I'm worn down and exhausted.  The more I wear myself thin, the more I am preventing myself from living to the fullness of my ability.  Although the Lord will work through me no matter what, it's His will that I take care of my body and mind.  I want to prioritize my time better and allow myself to get more rest.

What are your goals for the month of April?  Share them in the comments below!

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