Saturday, April 20, 2013

20 Weird Facts About Emily

Today I thought I would share twenty weird facts about me.  Some of them you might know; some of them you might not.  In saying this, I expect you to post at least a few facts about yourself in the comments.  This way, we can all get to know each other a little better.  :)

Before we begin, in case you're new to Emily is Smiling and don't know anything about me, I'll start with five basics, so you won't get the weirdest first: My name is Emily.  I'm twenty.  I'm a college student.  I have a huge heart for Africa.  I am an intern for Christian Relief Fund. 

Now that that's over, here are twenty (kind of) weird facts about me.

1.  My middle name is Nicole.  Even though it is a pretty common middle name, I used to like it so much that I would name all of the protagonists in my stories Nicole... especially if they were princesses.

2.  My dream pet is a Morkie.  That's right; a Maltese and a Yorkie mixed together.  Yes, it's a real thing and I want one.

3.  Because I was homeschooled throughout my childhood years, most of my memories growing up are a little bizarre.  I had many adventures conjured up by my big imagination and happily enjoyed by my two younger siblings and next-door neighbors.

4.  For example, I used to be convinced that Peter Pan was real.  I loved the book, and each night, I would wait for him to arrive at my window and take me off to Neverland.  Many of my stories and poems from my early elementary years were about Peter Pan.

5.  I had an imaginary best friend named Space for at least two years.  We would ride around on our imaginary Great Dane.  (Imagine what any sane child or adult was thinking after having a conversation with me during this time of my life.)

6.  My closet is color-coded very particularly.  Two colors tend to take up the most space: maroon and blue.

7.  My favorite crayon color is blue.  Just blue.  Perhaps I'm a little predictable.

8.  We have a prayer room in my little college house.  It is certainly a sanctuary of peace and quiet, a great place to hide out after a chaotic day (and I have many of those).

9.  I have been to fourteen countries, including: the USA, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Haiti, England, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, and Kenya.  I will be returning to Kenya in June with Christian Relief Fund, if it's God's will.

10.  My worst fear is sharks.  I cannot even look at a picture of a shark without feeling a little sick.  Something about their awful beady eyes gets to me.  Ugh.

11.  I can type 140 words per minute.

12.  Once upon a time, I had blonde, curly hair.  Now my hair is brown and ranges from wavy to straight.

13.  I've taken four semesters of American Sign Language.  I'm fluent enough to hold a conversation, but I'm not nearly at the level of an interpreter.

14.  I don't speed.  I wrote a blog post about this when I first started driving.  On the downside, I get teased a lot by my friends for driving like a grandma.  On the upside, I've never gotten a speeding ticket or even pulled over... and most of my friends have.

15.  I am utterly obsessed with Sour Patch Kids.  Any kind.  I love them all.

16.  If I'm in the car, I'm probably singing.

17.  For Christmas this year, I got a backpack guitar... and I love it.

18.  I could eat the same thing every meal, every day.  And since I'm in college, not the most experienced cook, and in charge of my own meals, I tend to do so.

19.  I have a thing about not touching door handles with my hands.  I wouldn't consider myself to be extremely OCD, but I certainly have my tendencies, and touching public surfaces with my hands is what gets me.

20.  If a car follows me for very long, I usually think they're a murderer following me home.  Many nights, I end up taking weird routes home so the car following behind me won't know where I live.  And then I finally make it home safe and sound and laugh at my own silliness.

What are twenty weird facts about you?

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  1. A few weird facts about me are:
    1.that I have conversations with myself all the time. I answer my on questions and I even smile and laugh when I say something funny.
    2.When I am watching one of my favourite shows on TV, I focus all my attention on it and if my sisters interrupt, I get irritated.
    3. I have had an obsession with the country Australia since 9th grade. it is at the top of the list for countries I want to travel to.
    4.I make a point to NEVER sit on a public bathroom toilet! Eww