Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Letters for Lavin: April

Every month for 2013, I will be sending a letter to my sponsored daughter, Lavin.  Sponsored children love communicating with their adopted parents.  It means the world to them.

This month, I already sent a letter to Lavin, telling her that I would be returning to Kenya in June of this year.  However, I have another card to send to my sweet girl, so I thought I would share it with you to possibly help inspire you of ideas of what to send to your sponsored child.

It's spring in Texas, which means that wildflowers are everywhere.  They grow all around, on the side of the roads, in backyards, in fields.  My favorite flower is the bluebonnet, which also happens to be the Texas state flower.  Because this is the season for bluebonnets, I decided to send Lavin a postcard with bluebonnets on the front, so she could see the beauty of God's creation in Texas.

And on the other side of the postcard:

I wrote about: 
  • Schoolwork, emphasizing how important it is for my child to work hard in school (I try to do this with every letter. These kids don't have anyone at home encouraging them to study hard, so they need someone to remind them how important it is to work and make good grades.)
  • I talked about what was going on in my life, like taking final exams and getting ready to finish this term of school.
  • I talked about the weather and flowers blooming in Texas.
  • And I mentioned how I am praying for Lavin every day, as well as how much I miss her and love her.
Instead of mailing the postcard by itself, I placed it in an envelope along with a few little goodies.

I sent Lavin:
  • Five photographs of my family. I was sure to write names and places on the backs of the pictures so that Lavin would understand what was going on. 
  • Four silly bands (and explained in the card that they are symbols of my university and American football)
  • A few stickers 
Notice how everything fits neatly into the envelope.  The envelope is flat and lightweight, which is important when sending things to your sponsored child.

Have you sent a letter to your sponsored child today?

If you do not sponsor a child, consider doing so through Christian Relief Fund.  

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  1. Ah, wonderful! Thanks for the encouraging reminded to keep up with our sponsored kids. I love how much thought you put into it. I need to get cracking but sometimes get paralyzed and overwhelmed trying to make it all interesting. But I think if I could just stay consistent that would be a good step in the right direction.

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