Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sleeping Alone

Day 16: How do you spend time alone?

I spend time alone writing, usually.  I don't like to write when other people are around.  Writing in peace and quiet comes much more naturally to me.  I have to have perfect conditions for writing.  It has to be completely silent in my room.  I know a lot of people write with music playing, but I can't.  I listen to music before I write as a source of inspiration, but never during.  I have to be alone, as I said before.  And I have to be comfortable.  I write the best and most at night.

I also play guitar and piano when I'm alone.  I don't consider myself to be a very talented musician, so much to my parents' (and DSC09438.JPGAli's) dismay, I usually play my music in solitude.

I have to sleep alone.  I can't stand sharing a bed.  I feel so bad for certain people who have to stay with me... *coughAlicough*... because I eventually end up kicking them onto the couch.  But the sad truth is that I can't sleep unless my room is entirely silent, without any breathing or moving around.  I have to be comfortable and relaxed.  I have to be bundled under about ten blankets (while wearing huge sweatshirts, thick pants, and fuzzy socks) because I'm incredibly cold-natured, which is also difficult for most people to endure.  And the room has to be entirely dark.  So it's difficult to sleep in a room with someone.  This is why I'll be having a private room in college.

I like to clean my room alone.  For some reason, it often bothers me when people are watching me put my things away.  I feel like they're expecting me to mess up.  I don't know.  Does anyone else have this problem?

Finally, I like to have my quiet time alone.  I can focus most on God when I'm alone in my room with a Bible and a journal.

Here are your questions:
1.) How do you spend time alone?
2.) Do you prefer sleeping alone or in the same room as someone else?


  1. 1) I spend time alone reading, listening to music, writing...... Haha I do a lot of stuff alone :)

    2) I'm really not bothered either way. I don't have much trouble falling asleep and once I am asleep I am OUT. (Very, very heavy sleeper! Haha) If I'm tired, I can fall asleep almost anywhere :)

    BTW - Have you tried like, ear plugs or an eye-mask for sleeping with other people? It might not work at all but it could possibly be some good :)

  2. Hey Emily!
    I had no idea that you could get private rooms in most colleges. Could you give me some more info on that? Like are there seperate dorms for those rooms..... Is it more expensive? Thanks!

  3. @Nikki: I'm afraid that earplugs and a mask wouldn't work because I have to be comfortable for my body to let me sleep... and they're just uncomfortable! :)

    @Suzanna: It depends on the school. I'd suggest asking about it when you go visit. At most schools, you'll have to pay more. I'll be paying a normal amount where I'm going, but I'll be living at a dorm off campus where private rooms are more readily available.

  4. Usually, my time alone is spent on the computer doing absolutely nothing productive. I spend quite a bit of time alone.

    I can sleep through anything, although I still prefer to sleep alone. I'm serious. If the fire alarm goes off, I'll sleep through it.