Thursday, May 24, 2012

In this way, I am always the same.

I have a pretty steady routine. I'm a little OCD about things like getting ready in the morning and getting ready for bed at night. Most nights I get to bed pretty late because I'm out with friends until the wee morning hours. However, my nightly routine stays pretty much the same.

1.     Check my list of favorite websites. I use BlogLovin' to keep up with my favorite blogs and I check them all before I go to bed. I also check "I Waste So Much Time," Facebook, my email, and my blog. Sometimes I'll blog at this time of night. Sometimes I'm too tired.

2.     Take a shower. I must shower every night or I won't sleep.

3.     Brush my teeth and hair, get dressed, get a drink of water, put on Carmex and lotion, etc. The basic routine. (Only mine is in a certain order.)

4.     I read a few chapters of the Bible, usually following my One Year Bible plan on my Kindle Fire that I've been doing for 2012. If I have time, I'll open my favorite little camo Bible and read a book of the New Testament as well.

5.     Talk to Ali. Since we're best friends as well as sisters, we spend much of the day together. However, Ali usually comes up to my room around bedtime and sits on my bed while I clean or play an instrument. We'll talk... and talk... and talk. We never seem to run out of things to say. The other night we stayed up talking until six in the morning. Can you believe that?!

6.     Kiss my dogs goodnight. If it isn't too late, Jack and I will watch a TV show together.

7.     Make sure every light in my bedroom is turned off or covered, including any of my chargers and the clock in my room. In college, I would close my curtains, but I don't have curtains in my bedroom back home.

8.     In the same fashion, I make sure my room is at the right temperature. During the summer, I keep my room at 69 degrees (I sleep with a lot of blankets) and if it's winter, I like to keep things at about 73 degrees.

9.     Check Instagram, Words With Friends, the next day's weather, my blog, my latest texts, and my email on my phone.

10.   Turn off the sound on my phone. If I have to wake up early the next morning, I'll set an alarm. Then I plug it in so it can charge overnight.

What is your nightly routine like?

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  1. My night routine is pretty consistent, as well. The hour varies, depending on what's going on, but I always...

    1. Floss
    2. Brush teeth
    3. "Wash" my face with a cotton pad and witch hazel
    4. Change into my pajamas and wool socks
    5. Use the restroom one more time
    6. Take my last pill of the day
    7. Make sure my phone alarm is set, if necessary, and that there is a waterbottle/cup of water within reach
    8. Settle in for sleep

    If my intestines are hurting, I'll heat up a hot water bottle somewhere between steps 4 and 8, and lately I've been watching an episode of some anime with my boyfriend between 7 and 8, but it's pretty well all the same.