Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ways you can win my heart.

Not all of these are serious or even requirements, but these are all little things that make me smile. :)

1.     Love Jesus more than anything else.
2.     Play an instrument.
3.     Be respectful to your mom.
4.     Have a sense of innocence about you.
5.     Make me feel safe.
6.     Have a good taste in music.
7.     Have nice hair.
8.     Be capable of serious conversation.
9.     Like watching movies. Even Disney movies sometimes.
10.   Spend time with me.

Whether you're a guy or a girl, what are ten ways to win your heart?


  1. 1 Love Jesus more than he could ever love me.
    2 Want to be in the mission field.
    3 Love kids.
    4 Not afraid of hard work.
    5 Likes the outdoors.
    6 Makes me feel safe and loved.
    7 Loves his family.
    8 Can make me laugh.
    9 Has respect for others
    10 Can have serious conversations.

    I am sure I could add a few more but these are the ones that would me the most to me.

  2. 1) Shares my beliefs and loves the Lord.

    2) Respects and likes my family - SUPER important.

    3) Loves me even when I make mistakes

    4) Encourages me and cheers me up when I'm feeling down

    5) Has a sense of humour and makes me laugh :)

    6) Makes an effort to share my interests and talks to me about them even if he really couldn't care less :)

    7) Cares for me and makes me feel safe

    8) Is taller than me. I'm 5'9 and I really don't want to be the same height or taller than my hubby XD

    9) Smiles and laughs easily :) And if he has a nice smile/laugh that's even better :3

    10) Is my best friend :)