Tuesday, May 29, 2012



1.     Odd numbers are important to me, especially eleven. I'm constantly tweaking things so that they can add up to eleven.

2.     I have a thing about touching door handles with the tips of my fingers.

3.     I'm absolutely terrified of sharks. I can't even look at pictures of those things without shivering.

4.     Ever since I started taking ASL, I make elaborate hand gestures whenever I speak. This was already a little habit I had, but learning sign language increased this habit.

5.     I always tell people I'm shy, but I don't think I am anymore.

6.     I'm an insomniac. I'm often up half the night, not because I want to be, but because I cannot sleep. Sometimes it's wonderful. Sometimes it's difficult.

7.    The idea of being a mom someday seems too far away to be imagined.

8.     I don't like chocolate-flavored anything. But I do like chocolate bars.

9.     I'm an unusually fast typer: 140 words per minute. Not flooringly fast, but enough that I would consider this to be a little odd.

10.   I don't notice landmarks. Ever. I got lost on the Texas A&M campus nearly every day for the first three months of school. I still get lost there to this day, although not as frequently. Since returning home for the summer, I have yet to drive somewhere without getting turned around. It's like I have a blindspot when it comes to being fully aware my surroundings. I've even gotten lost in restaurants while trying to get back from the restroom. It's kind of sad, but it also makes for a lot of good laughs.

What are ten odd things about you?

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  1. Oh no, you're an insomniac?! In my neurobiology class, we just learned about how important sleep is for people and what the consequences of losing hours of sleep are. :(

    For me...
    1. I have never drank coffee. I don't like the smell.
    2. Almost any type of animal scares me.
    3. Eating non-Asian food is really difficult; it's not like I have really high standards for it either. I can eat almost any type of Asian food because my standards for that are very low. :P (Surprise, I'm Asian)
    4. I wash my hands too much.
    5. I loooooove eating sour food. Lemons and limes are nothing to me. ;D
    6. Most of the time I can peel lemon skin off pretty smoothly without using a knife :) I practiced a lot because of my fondness for sour fruits.
    7. I'm on email way too often. Gmail and my UC Irvine email are the first tabs I open when I sign on the computer.
    8. I don't like drinking liquids besides water or tea.
    9. It seems like most people get "seasonal depression" in winter, but I'm way happier during winter because it's my favorite season.
    10. My tolerance for heat is pretty low. Even walking around outside when the temperature is at the low 60s is fairly hot for me already. California temperature is pretty stable though.