Friday, May 25, 2012

The Little Things


1.     Going on walks late at night.
2.     Obscure coffee shops.
3.     Playing my ukulele.
4.     Listerene strips. I don't like gum, so I use these instead and they're wonderful.
5.     Cherry Coke. My favorite.
6.     Shoes. I have way too many shoes, but I love them.
7.     Being an Aggie.
8.     Pearls. Pearl jewelery is my absolute favorite.
9.     Disney movies. The animated ones. I didn't see a whole lot as a kid, so I've been catching up lately and I LOVE THEM.
10.   The color blue. Light blue. It's just the best.

What are ten little things you love?


  1. Very good color choice ;D I LOVE blue

  2. 1. Going on walks late at night
    2. Scrub pants-- who knew they'd be so comfy?!
    3. Herbal tea and/or Arizona Green Tea
    4. Veggies cooked just right
    5. Having things to do that fill up your day but don't overwhelm you
    6. Text banter with a good friend
    7. Having internet
    8. Epiphanies
    9. Gas in my tank
    10. A favorite song on the radio

    Also, I disagree on your number ten. Personally, I think grey is the best. (But I suppose it's all relative, now isn't it? ^_^)

  3. 1) Chewing gum
    2) Lilacs - they smell AMAZING!
    3) Finding a new song that I love
    4) Pizza. It tastes SO good.
    5) Painting designs on my nails
    6) Reading a good book
    7) Good hair days
    8) Facebook
    9) Playful banter
    10) Playing cards with my family :)