Monday, August 5, 2013

Blogs I Follow

Day 4: Blogs you follow.

In April, I shared a few blogs I enjoy reading.  Today I'll share some more.  Get ready for a long list.

1.) Holy to the Lord by Lindi.  She is a dear friend of mine who has been in my life since we were in sixth grade.  The Lord has cultivated a heart of compassion and joy in her.  She just spent a month in Kenya, Africa.  She's a sweet writer and I enjoy reading her reflections and words of worship.

2.) Fisher of Men by Jack.  He is another good friend of mine.  Jack writes Biblical and thought-provoking posts, challenging Christians to live like Christ.

3.) Kisses from Katie.  If you haven't read the book by the same name, you should.  It's powerful.  And Katie keeps a blog, sharing powerful and heartbreaking stories about her life as an adoptive mama of something like 14 kids in Uganda.  She doesn't post nearly as often as I wish she would, but when she does, I always end up crying.

4.) No Greater Joy Mom.  I love, love, love adoption blogs, and this is a great one.  I think they're so powerful.  This mom has adopted six kids from around the world (and has three natural born sons as well) and their stories are all amazing.

5.) Sail East by Rachel.  She is a prayer teamer with me in our organization at college.  Rachel just spent the summer studying abroad in Morocco!  Her thoughts and stories are hilarious

6.) Seeing Joy.  MJ's thoughts are always so poignant and thought-provoking.  She is a full-time foster mom of newborn babies.  I can't even imagine the heartbreak involved in falling in love with the most precious babies and then giving them up, over and over again, but MJ does it and she keeps a steady focus on Christ.  She just announced that she is in the process of adopting a four-year-old girl from Africa.

7.) Sister Haiti.  This is another adoption blog.  Salem has adopted several kids from around the world.  I love reading stories about one of her daughters, Jovia, who was born without limbs.  I've always had a heart for kids who were born with this particular disability and have asked the Lord if this is something He is calling me to do when I'm older.  Reading about Jovia's independence and enthusiasm is such a joy!  Salem is also a frequent advocate for international adoption.

8.) My Soul Waits by Lauren.  This is another sweet friend.  She writes frequently and about thought-provoking, worshipful things.  I always smile after reading her blog.

9.) All the Way My Savior Leads Me by Mariah.  This is a friend of mine who is spending the summer serving in Zambia!  Her stories about how Christ is moving in this country are so sweet! 

10.) Beagle's Epic Adventures in Faith.  This family works with Christian Relief Fund.  They are missionaries in Kitale, Kenya, Africa.  They serve the Kingdom in so many powerful ways.  I love reading updates about how the Lord is moving through their willingness to serve.

11.) Welcome Blessings.  While working in Uganda, Christina adopted an orphaned girl with special needs named Mikisa... and she is a beautiful little girl!  Since the start of her blog, Christina has gotten married and has another sweet baby.  The family's devotion for the Lord is precious!

12.) Through Orange Colored Glasses by Milton. Milt is my friend and the president of Christian Relief Fund, where I work.  His thoughts about the Lord, about missions, and about his travels around the world serving orphans are always incredibly inspiring.

13.) But the greatest of these is love.  Renee lives in Uganda and serves malnourished children, teaching their mothers how to keep them healthy and nursing them back to health.  Her before and after photos are amazing.  She is doing great things!  Renee hasn't posted in forever, but I'm not giving up hope because hers is one of my very favorite blogs. 

What are some blogs that you enjoy following? 

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  1. I'm going to check those blogs out! They sound really neat.

    I really like She writes about her life and also has a ministry for girls who struggle with eating disorders. I've been reading her blog for a few years and it has definitely impacted my life.