Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nakupenda Mzee

Day 3: Describe your relationship with your family.

I love my family and I've posted about them many times before.  So I'm just going to share small things about each person in my family.  We've had a wonderful time together this summer.  I can't believe it is about to come to an end until Christmas break!

My dad isn't usually thrilled about the whole idea of my wanting to pursue missions when I'm older.  I know he's worried about my safety and he doesn't want to miss me while I live across the globe.  But he's still supportive of me.  He even texts me in Swahili, the language I've recently been attempting to learn.

My mom and I are very close.  No one else would be able to convince me to stay in my hometown an extra several days alone while my family is out of town so that she and I can have a day and a half more together.  That's what happened this last weekend.  Mom's biggest dream is for me to have many children, but I think she'll be satisfied by my desire to adopt sweet orphans.

Amy is in China right now.  I'm so incredibly excited for her to begin to understand the need of orphans around the world.  She is getting to see Christ's love for the nations.  She has been placed in a position where she can extend so much compassion and love.  I'm praying that the Lord will touch her heart in so many ways during her week in China.

Luke and I have had such a fun summer.  We've been geocaching quite a bit, finding treasures in the funniest of places and leaving silly trinkets behind for others to discover.  Today is actually his birthday.  Ali and I have decorated his room with streamers and balloons for him to find when he gets home from Ohio in a couple of days.  I can't believe Luke is turning fourteen!

What are ways that you spend time with your family? 

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