Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A "Typical" Day

Day 12: Describe a typical day in your life.

My entire schedule about to change completely when classes start in a couple of weeks.  I can't describe my day now.  When this is posted, I will be at a camp.  (Prayers are highly appreciated.)  Writing this in advance, I'll share what my day is like as a college student finished with my job for the summer, not yet in school, and kind of waiting around for the semester to begin.  So here goes.

I wake up rather late in the morning, around ten or eleven.  I do not have much time left before school starts, so I will sleep in while I can!  I'm living in my college home again.  One of my roommates, Daniella, has already moved in.  Another, Jackie, will be here in a matter of days.  The final roommate, Rebecca, will be here in less than a week.

The rest of my morning is spent unpacking my bags.  All my clothes must be taken from my blue suitcase and put on hangers in my closet.  I have a bag full of gifts from Africa to give friends and supporters of my trip.  My school supplies need to be organized on shelves and in my backpack so that I'll be ready when school actually starts.  My very first 8am class, I want to be able to roll out of bed, grab my bag, and go.  I haven't had an 8am since I've started college, so this should be fun.

I do a little bit of cleaning (are you impressed, Mom?) and organizing.  I just bought a little letter organizer, where I can place future cards I want to send to my sponsored kids and loved ones throughout the year.  I love this box.  I got it from Lifeway Christian Bookstore and it is pretty great.  I've even placed my sheets of stickers and stamps inside. 

Lunch is at my favorite Mexican food restaurant.  This place is the best in town.  It's inexpensive, high quality, and so yummy.  I ordered and paid for a half-pint of queso and they gave me a full pint, just to be nice.  This will last me a long time!

I take a nap.  Because it's summer and I can.

I spend some time writing.  I've been preparing a few blogs in advance because I have Impact camp for four days this month and work days preparing for camp two days before that.  I will not be able to blog during this time, but I want to finish the entirety of this 30 day challenge!  So this is perfect time to write and make sure something is posted every single day.

My favorite coffee shop in town is nearly empty because so few college students are back in town.  I came early so that I could unpack before camp.  I order my favorite drink, a caramel frap, and settle into a comfortable chair to have a quiet time and write a little bit more.  Everyone is friendly here.  I don't see anyone I know, but I make a few casual friends as I sit.  People just chat here, strangers or not.  

After my afternoon at the coffee shop, I have some soup and salad for a light dinner (and some leftover queso).

I go outside and longboard for a little while.  I can hardly longboard when I'm at my hometown.  Because I live out in the country, the roads are covered with loose gravel.  Now that I'm back, I'm eager to longboard, but it's so very hot!  I wait until the sun has gone down and the air is cooling slowly around me.  A perfect night to longboard.

I catch up with some beloved friends, watch a movie or an episode of Catfish: The TV Show, and then stay up reading.  What am I reading now?  Well, I'm studying my Swahili textbook.  I'm also finishing Peter Pan.  I've read this book every single summer since I was a little girl.  My very favorite book.

Bedtime comes for me in the early morning hours. 

My days are about to get much less relaxing with the start of school.  They will soon be filled with classes, studying, and over-involvement in organizations.  I'm ready!

What was your day like today?

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