Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pranks on Pranks on Pranks

Day 21: 5 things on your mind.

I've had one of the most fun weeks ever, so I'm just going to share stories from the last few days.  The moment school starts, reality is going to hit like a freight train.  College life isn't actually this much fun when studying and exams begin.

1.) Last week, I had camp.  I was a Prayer Teamer, which meant that I spent most of my time in the prayer room warring for incoming freshmen and only a little bit of time sleeping.  The experience was heart-changing.  I learned a lot about God's faithfulness and sustenance, even when I thought I had nothing left in me.

There were a lot of physical attacks by the enemy: dehydration, turned ankles, colds, pain, and one prayer teamer was even bit by a copperhead!  But Christ holds the victory and He showed Himself to be so incredibly faithful.  

I met a lot of precious girls that are in the class of 2017.  Reuniting with my wonderful camp after a long summer apart was great too.  I missed my friends.  Living 9 hours away from my college town isn't always easy. 

2.) Sammy and I most definitely terrified Jevon.  We dressed up in all black with matching masks, knocked on his door, and then rushed to stand silently at the end of his walkway.  It was so dark that we were hardly visible, only enough to bring utter horror.

Last spring, we were watching The Strangers (my favorite scary movie) and Jevon left early.  That doesn't happen in our rulebook, so we remembered over the summer months and planned a lovely prank.

Don't worry though.  Jevon turned out okay.  After a long while of staring at us, he eventually kind of figured out who we were and even let us in his house.  We let him live. 

3.) Kelsey got a nose piercing!  In our friend circle, if someone gets something scary like a piercing, emotional support is necessary.  We filled up that tattoo parlor and held her hand.  Needless to say, she is beautiful with a piercing.  I was proud of how brave she was.  If I ever get a piercing like that, I'm pretty sure I'll tear up.
I've been teaching Kelsey how to longboard, so we're calling this her "week of rebellion."

4.) It was Bekah's 20th birthday on Tuesday.  Some of the girls in our camp gathered and baked her a cake.  Sammy and I were doing laundry, so we unfortunately had to miss out, so we decided to bake a cake of our own.  Isn't it beautiful?

We actually frosted a cereal box filled with little gifts, like bath markers and sidewalk chalk.  When Bekah cut into the cake, she had a surprise.

Also, we kidnapped Bekah for her birthday.  Our camp is known for its interesting pranks, so Bekah was terrified that something would happen to her.  I sent her an hourly countdown throughout the day to add to the suspense.

Thankfully, I'm close friends with Bekah's roommate, who helped us coordinate a time and location.  Dressed in hoods and all black, Sammy and I ambushed our friend.  Sammy pretty much tackled Bekah to the ground, put a pillow case over her head, and then we carried her to my car and drove off in absolute silence. 

Unfortunately, I'm directionally challenged and got lost, so our drive was about fifteen minutes longer than necessary.  It added to the suspense.  Sammy and I both know a little bit of American Sign Language, so it took some furious gesturing on Sammy's part to get me to find my way back to the froyo shop that was our original destination.

After two games of capture the flag on campus, our night was a success. 

5.) This happened more than a week ago, but Ali and I pranked my little brother Luke's bedroom for his 14th birthday.  We blew up 73 balloons and covered his floor with them and two giant balls we found at Walmart.  Ali strung streamers all over his bedroom.  We even made a poster.

I was mildly concerned that Luke would be furious at the state of his room, but he enjoyed the prank.

It always feels good to be remembered on your birthday.

I worked quite a bit this summer.  While I absolutely love my job, it's nice to have a typical "summer" during these last two weeks.  I don't have much longer in my life to feel like a youth, but during the days when my summer internship has ended and classes have not yet begun, life feels like a constant adventure.  It's been a refreshing blast.

What are 5 things on your mind? 

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! The cereal box cake cracked me up!