Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A New Kind of Simplicity (Seven Fast)

My friend Sammy and I are currently taking on The 7 Experiment by Jen Hatmaker.  It's a Bible study I 100% encourage you to try for yourself.  This week, we are wearing only seven articles of clothes.  Here is my progress so far.

Before I say anything, I'd like to share that today is my mom's birthday.  She reads my blog every day, so: I love you, Mom!  She is also participating in The 7 Experiment and texted me a picture of her three outfits for the week not too long ago.  Way to go!  So far, I've had several people announce that they are joining this period of fasting with me and Sammy, so if you would like to participate, grab a workbook from your local Lifeway Christian Book Store and join a little late!

Day 1: Friday

While I had thought out in advance what clothes I was going to wear this week, I didn't actually plan out the fact that I needed to do laundry.  Badly.  So I spent much of the morning and early afternoon in my pajamas, unable to leave the house, while I washed and dried and folded all of my clothes.  But voila, now I have all of my clothes for this week hung in a little corner of my closet. 

Today I wore a green Impact t-shirt, black cargo shorts, and my Chacos.  I forgot to take a picture, but it was essentially what you see to your right with black shorts.

I got to go to a worship service with my church in the evening.  I'm not exaggerating: it was exactly what I needed to begin this new week of fasting.  Being able to stand in the back and just worship my Savior freely while asking Him to focus my heart on all of the right intentions and to teach me all that I need to learn from this was so special.  God is good.

I went to Midnight Yell (the biggest in Texas A&M history) after the worship night.  By this point, I was pretty badly wishing I was wearing maroon, but I'm saving that t-shirt for tomorrow.  Game Day is my favorite day of the week!

Day 2: Saturday

Today was Game Day!  My school was playing against Alabama, the #1 team in the nation right now.  Last year, we beat them.  This year, we were close (49-42), but we didn't quite manage a win.  It was a fantastic game though.  So much energy and excitement going on all around.  I'm so glad I got an opportunity to be at this game.

While most girls dress up a little for Aggie games, my wardrobe was limited, so I chose to wear denim shorts and a maroon t-shirt.  Here is my only picture for today.  Enjoy the fantastic portrait of me, my friend Claire, and Johnny Football. 

We had fun, but it was so hot outside.  I drank at least two liters of water today and was quite sweaty (gross, I know, sorry).  By the time I got home, I was aching to change.  I ended up taking an early shower, getting into my pajamas, and heading pretty much straight to bed.

Today did seem to go by quickly, but one thing I pondered was how many of those who I met in Kenya this summer didn't own more than one or two outfits.  It's hot outside in East Africa; I can relate living in Texas.  When I got home from the football game today and from walking four miles with my friends, I couldn't wait to change out of my sweaty clothes and into something cool and comfortable and clean.  After today, I am so much more appreciative of what it means to have multiple outfits, simple or not.  In my life, I've never had to wear dirty or sweaty clothes for very long; I've always been able to change into something new.  I am more blessed than I can even comprehend.

Day 3: Sunday

I am learning with each new day what it means to have simplicity in the way I dress.  I don't usually wear a lot of accessories, but I am cutting down on jewelry this week.  I will continue to wear my purity ring.  I have two bracelets from Kenya and Nepal that don't come off and a CRF band that raises awareness for my favorite ministry, so I'll be leaving those on.  However, I will abstain from my usual James Avery necklace and any earrings this week.

Today I wore my white Gap t-shirt (with orange and green stripes towards the bottom), cropped jeans, and Chacos.  Going to church today, I was initially a little bothered to wear Chacos with my "nice" outfit, especially after a friend pointed this out!  However, it hit me this afternoon how nice these shoes truly are.  They are sturdy and comfortable and well-made.  I am extremely blessed with these shoes.  However style-backwards I might have looked in a church outfit and Chacos, I don't care.  I'm blessed with these shoes and I will wear them with total thankfulness.  And if I don't, may the Lord help me to repent! 

Also at church, my pastor spoke and completely filled my heart with joy!  At the beginning of his sermon, he talked about the importance of pursuing simplicity in our lifestyles.  He said, "Simplicity allows you to focus and draw deep in the Word instead of setting your gaze on a bunch of different things."  Exactly what I needed to hear this week.

It continues to amaze me how God is always faithful in providing me with exactly what I need to hear in order to learn a little more about His good and loving nature.

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