Sunday, September 1, 2013

Let's be friends.

Okay, funny thing... The day after I wrote this, I was messing with new designs for my blog and I re-wrote the "about me" blurb to your right.  Without thinking, I didn't include the "Let's be friends" line at the end.  I may make another one soon and attach that at the end; I may not.  Regardless, everything I say after this paragraph still stands.  

Jim: Emily, at the end of your introduction, at the right of this page, you wrote "Let's be friends." Could you write about what you were thinking and feeling when you wrote that? What were you inviting people to do? What did you see yourself doing in response? Do you still feel the same way about it as you did when you first wrote it?

This is a great question.  "Let's be friends" might seem like a funny thing to say from the perspective of someone who is sharing thoughts and rambles from behind a screen possibly a thousand miles away.  

I view blogging as a conversation and a way to connect with others.  When I post something, I like to think I'm sharing my thoughts and feelings with anyone who cares to read them.  I don't imagine that my words float away into thin air; I imagine that others read them and either relate or disagree.  We make a connection.  Sometimes a reader will leave a comment, describe their own feelings, and we can relate to each other.  Other times, our connection will only be through emotions and shared experiences.  

Often I pray that God will use my words to touch the hearts of others, and I know for a fact that He has used the words of other bloggers and commenters to touch my own heart. 

When I say, "Let's be friends," I invite you (anyone reading this) to share your thoughts and opinions about anything with me.  I invite you to share your own blog, to explain what you are learning from your life experiences and from what God is teaching you, and to converse with me in blog posts or comments or tweets.  I may not always respond to a comment (I will if there is a question involved) simply because I am a bit shy and may not have something adequate to say in response, but I always read and ponder what you have to say. 

I certainly read and gain understanding about the world from those who share their thoughts with me, whether through the diversity of beliefs or through an experience I can understand well.  The friends I have made through blogging are different than friends I'll make at church or in my college classes, for obvious reasons that involve security and privacy.  But the friends I have made through my blog are ones whose names I know well, whose words of wisdom I cherish, and whose voices I miss when they disappear for a while.  I pray for you.  I recognize names and I often read the blogs of those who comment on my own blog (and a lot more who have no idea my blog exists).  

Blogging is such a neat way to have a conversation with so many different kinds of people.  We can learn from each other.  We can get to know each other better, as people, as new and old friends.  

What I share on this blog is so often pieces of my heart.  I love making connections through writing and then reading the words of others.

Let's be friends.

I hope this answers your questions.  If anyone ever wonders about how I view blogging or if you need encouragement about how to pursue blogging, please feel free to ask.  I will do my best to answer.

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  1. Thank you! This post warmed my heart, and put a big happy smile on my face.