Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Music I Like

Day 8: Put your iPod on shuffle and list the first ten songs that play.

Okay, I'll admit I cheated a little here.  My family shares iTunes, so I have nearly ten thousand songs on my iPod, most of which I don't even know.  I do have a playlist though of all of my favorite music... and it has a lot.  So I put that on shuffle instead of my iPod.  I love sharing my music, so I'm excited to see which songs show up.

1.) "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley
I laughed when this song came up.  I enjoy a relaxed, beach-style of music, so several of Bob Marley's songs fit that description.  This is probably one of Bob Marley's most famous songs.  You know... "Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing gonna be alright."  (To this day, this song still reminds me of the movie I AM LEGEND.)  You can listen to the song here.

2.) "Stones Under Rushing Water" by NeedtoBreathe
I absolutely adore this song.  This is probably my favorite song by NeedtoBreathe.  It's relaxed and beautiful.  I call this my "insomnia" song and often listen to it over and over again when I'm feeling anxious and stressed out to the point of not being able to sleep.  Check it out on YouTube here... but this is a song I would most definitely recommend you add to your playlist.

3.) "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson
Yes, I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson.  "Man in the Mirror" is one of my favorite songs by him.  It's actually the song I used to help win Ali over when I was trying to convince her to like Michael Jackson.  I love its chorus.  "I'm starting with the man in the mirror. I'm asking him to change his ways. No message could have been any clearer. If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change."  The music video is pretty great as well.

4.) "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz
I love this song.  It's very fun and light-hearted... and surprisingly clean for a popular song.  The music video contains some girls wearing immodest outfits, so here's a link to the song with lyrics.

5.) "Super Trouper" by Superchick
This is such a random song to have on here and it's kind of old, but I still like it, so I keep it on my playlist.  Superchick was my number one favorite band in middle school and I got the chance to meet them all a few years ago.  They were super sweet and a lot of fun.  Super Trouper is basically a song holding a friend accountable and asking them to step out of apathy and try to make a difference in the world.  "Let's go light the world up. Let's not wait until the end to be the things we wish we'd been."  My favorite lyric in the song is: "I'm sorry that I'm getting on your case, but true friends, they stab you in the face."  I love that!  Check it out here.

6.) "You Lead" by Jamie-Grace
If you've heard of Jamie-Grace, whose first album just came out a month ago, you have probably heard her first single "Hold Me" with TobyMac.  I've been following this talented girl for a couple of years now on her YouTube channel and was so excited when she got a record contract with Gotee Records.  This song is great.  "I've got waves that are tossing me, crashing all over my beliefs, and in all sincerity, Lord, I want to be Yours. So pull me out of this mess I'm in, 'cause I know I'm wandering. Lead me soul back home again. I've always been Yours." While every single song on her album is pretty fantastic, a couple of my favorites are "With You" and "1945."  Check "You Lead" out right here. 

7.) "Life is Good" by Stellar Kart
Okay, to be honest... I can't stand Stellar Kart.  Yes, I saw them in concert and even met them and they were nice guys.  Yes, I have tried to listen to a full album.  No, I still don't like their music.  This is the only song by them that I enjoy... and it's so fun.  "Life is good. Eternal life is better" is basically the entire song.  But it's fun.  I'll give it that.  Here's the song.

8.) "Someone Like You" by ADELE
I adore this song.  It's so beautiful... Ali and I lip-synced to it on a silly video on my YouTube channel.  It's one of my favorite songs right now and I'd really like to play it on the piano.  Adele is a fantastic secular artist.  Here's the song.  I also like Sam Tsui's version, which you can check out here.

9.) "Cannons" by Phil Wickham
Phil Wickham is great.  I got the chance to see him a couple of different times in concert.  He has written some great songs like "Divine Romance" and "Mystery," but "Cannons" is another amazing worship song.  "You are holy, great, and mighty. The moon and the stars declare who You are. I'm so unworthy but still You love me. Forever my heart will sing of how great You are." Check the song out here.

10.) "Thoughts of You" by Barlowgirl
I'm not a big fan of Barlowgirl like I once was, but a few of their old songs still make it to my playlist.  This is one of them.  "Thoughts of You" is one of my very favorite worship songs.  I think it's stunning and often describes exactly how I feel when I'm in prayer.  Here are some of the lyrics: "God, I never could repay You. You gave everything. Without You, where would I be? You still loved me even when I pushed You away. You stood there and waited 'til the day I returned. So even though I've tried to express my thanks, it never comes out how I hoped. I want to say so much more, so with these simple words, I'll try. I love You. My heart is Yours, only Yours. I long to give You all of me, my everything, my everything."  Beautiful, right?  Check it out here.

What ten songs came up on your shuffle?

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