Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm a mediocre musician.

Day 6: Instruments you play (or want to play).

I love music, but unfortunately, being a musician isn't a strong talent the Lord has given me.  However, I know how to play a couple of instruments and I even write some music, which you can check out here.

I play the acoustic guitar.  It is my favorite instrument.  I brought my precious acoustic guitar to college and play it every day I'm free.  I'm not great at it and I don't know all the chords, but it soothes my soul.  I think my favorite instrument of all times would have to be the acoustic guitar.

I also play the piano.  I'm really, really not good at this instrument, but I know bits and pieces.  For example, I can play "Never Alone" by Barlowgirl, which is my proudest accomplishment, I think.  Mostly, I can play chords, so I know how to play most of the songs I've written on piano.  My parents got me a keyboard a while back, which sits proudly in my room back at home.  I'm sure I'm very shabby at it now since I haven't touched the thing for months.  But I do love the sound of piano.

And finally, I wish I could play the electric guitar.  I have one and I love it to pieces, but I struggle with it.  It's on my bucket list, however, to learn how to play it one day.  So I will.  Someday.  The Newsboys signed my electric guitar, so it's one of my most treasured possessions now.

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