Monday, February 13, 2012

Have you been showing Jesus today?

Day 13: A song that recently came out

I don't buy music while I'm at college and since I haven't been home for a couple of months, I feel a little behind on the latest music.  A fairly recent song by a new artist I like is...

"Show Jesus" by Jamie Grace

This girl is so talented and I love the words to this song.  The video contains all the words, so I encourage you to watch the whole thing and listen to what Jamie Grace has to say.  I'm so encouraged whenever I hear "Show Jesus."  In fact, Jamie Grace's entire album brings a smile to my face.  She's a great new artist.

I like another song by Jamie so much that I think I'll share it as well.  I call it my "Ali" song... because it reminds me of her!  It's called "With You."

Have you found any good new artists?

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  1. Yeah I'm a Jamie Grace fan too :D Her heart for God is so evident in her music, while still making it relatable for youth these days. I like Chris August. Listen to his song "The Battle" and another one of his "Starry Night." "7x70" is a good one too...BAAHH too many to name :(