Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Trail of Stardust

Don't you love it when you're listening to a song and a lyric suddenly pops out at you and strikes you as amazing, even if you've heard the song a hundred times?

That happened to me tonight.

I was listening to some Lecrae and "Background" came on.  So many words of that song are beautiful to me, like: "Let me shadow You.  Let me trace Your lines.  Matter of fact, just take my pen.  Here, You create my rhymes."  I love that!

Anyway, I was listening to "Background" and another of its lyrics popped out at me and brought a huge smile to my face.  Lecrae says he wants to be:

...a trail of stardust leading to the superstar.

What a beautiful metaphor that is! 

God is so amazing.  He is incomparable and indescribable... and I am so, so, so eager to be a trail of stardust for Him. 

And you, friend!  You are beautiful.  You are precious.  You were made in the image of God!  You are a trail of stardust as well.  You are treasured by Him!


Thanks for the inspiration, Lecrae.

And thank You, Jesus, for Your amazing, beautiful, awe-inspiring power!

Yes, I'm writing this after three in the morning.  I have trouble sleeping some nights... but it isn't always bad.  Sometimes in the midst of these late night hours, all I can do is think about Him.  He's so amazing.

I can't stop smiling.