Tuesday, June 14, 2016


We are halfway done with our 40 stories of Kenya and CRF! 

Today I would like to highlight a program where our team will be visiting. It’s a small CRF project, consisting mainly of a children’s home and a Christian elementary school. 

“Neema” means grace and the people in this community live out the name well. 

Neema continually surprises me in wonderful ways. The leadership of this program is innovative and exceptional, pushing children to give back to the entire community of Rongo. And the adults within this rural area serve the children, stepping forward to foster children and act as moral and spiritual support to many of these orphans. 

In this small school and children’s home, the children are learning to serve in widows ministry, prison ministry, and self-led Bible studies. They are taught how to be environmentally aware and must plant and care for tree seedlings. They maintain hundreds of chickens. 

What I love about Neema is that there is never any question of what the children can or cannot do—they are brought up to be Christian leaders of their community from the beginning and they already excel at this. 

I am so thankful for Lawrence and all of the staff at Neema and Winyo. I love watching the children here grow and thrive.

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