Monday, June 27, 2016

Kapkirwok High School

There are so many amazing CRF projects that I could tell you about, but my final highlighted program for my 40 days of stories is the Kapkirwok High School. 

This school is located at the very top of Mt. Elgon. The war that left behind so many orphans at Milton Simotweet has shattered the lives of most of the students here. Some were child soldiers. Most saw the brutal, traumatizing deaths of their entire families. 

There are currently 24 sponsored teens on the top of Mt. Elgon and one still on our waiting list, as he has been for months now. It’s difficult to find sponsors for these older students, even though they have some of the greatest needs. 

I’ll return to Kapkirwok this summer for the first time in three years. Its’ a difficult journey to make up the mountain without any actual roads, so most of the team will stay behind in the ever-delightful Eruli program and help construct a library there. 

There are many heavy hearts at Kapkirwok, so I am thankful the CRF director there is a Christian counselor who can walk with the students through their emotional hurts. 

Pray for the kids at Kapkirwok High School. The school is always struggling due to the extreme poverty of the community—and it has shut down more than once when violence in the area keeps anyone from leaving their homes. Please pray for my time on Mt. Elgon. Americans don’t get to go often because of the long and complicated journey that it takes to make it up the mountain, so I am praying that my time is both encouraging to these students and teachers as well as fruitful and productive. 

Pray for Mt. Elgon.

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