Saturday, June 4, 2016

Achieving Something Great

Another high school our team will be visiting this summer is Oasis of Hope in Kisumu. This school is more newly established and still growing, but it is full of brilliant and dedicated students. 

Horace Otieno
Perhaps the most striking part of this high school is the determination of the students who attend. So many come from devastatingly poor backgrounds where no one ever expected them to make it to high school. 

Elina, currently a 12th grader at Oasis, wrote CRF a letter that said, “Sponsorship has shown me that no one can tell me I can’t succeed. I won’t look at where I came from and say I won’t do great things. I am determined. I am so thankful for my sponsor, who has believed that I will achieve something great in my life.” 

This is the attitude that is driving the Oasis of Hope kids into success and achievement. 

While you thank God for what he is doing at Oasis, will you also lift up Horace in prayer? He is also a 12th grader this year and is suffering from excruciating pain due to an infection in his hip that has killed the bone. 

Time and time again, Horace has reported to the hospital for a hip replacement and has been turned away due to the severity of his infection. The CRF workers in Kisumu are doing everything they can to get Horace help – but if he doesn’t receive the operation, the infection could take his life. On top of everything, this year is critical for Horace academically. If he wants to go to university after graduation, he must stay in school and keep learning. Senior year is one that cannot be repeated in Kenya. 

Like his peers at Oasis of Hope, Horace is determined to complete his high school education. He attends class as regularly as he can. Pain and infection do not hold back this strong young man. 

The Lord is working through Oasis of Hope High School.

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