Saturday, June 25, 2016

Caren's Story

Caren is a precious light in this world. 

Last summer, Philiph said, “I want to take you to meet Caren.” I didn’t know who this was, but our team followed him to a small piece of land to visit this girl named Caren. 

When we arrived onto the property, Caren’s grandmother was kneeling at the side of a small child in a wheelchair, reading to her in a soft, animated voice. Philiph gently told Caren that she had guests and her face transformed into a beautiful smile. 

Meeting Caren touched my heart. I’m touched by how much she is loved in her village—everyone lights up when they talk about Caren. I am touched by the fact that how even in her own hunger and extreme poverty, Caren’s grandmother and mother give everything they have to care for this girl. I’m touched by how the Lord worked in a way that Caren’s sponsor is a therapist for children with special needs. 

There is no lack of love in Caren’s life. She is adored in Samabul. Caren shines love and draws love from the weariest of hearts. She is a truly precious spirit. Caren will never walk or talk, but she radiates joy.  

Last year Caren sat in a breaking wheelchair held together by boards that could not be comfortable for her. Since then, her sponsor has given her a brand new wheelchair big enough for Caren to have room to grow. 

When I think of how much tender love Jesus has for Caren, I smile. I am glad Philiph brought me to meet her—and I am excited to get to see her again.

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